Rick Mercer Report

Life & Times of
Veronica Tennant:
Renaissance Woman

MotoFilm Project

The Banff Centre

Suzanne takes her
leave of Satie (1995)

Veronica Tennant:

What Makes
Canada Cool?

Christopher Plummer

March of Dimes

Veronica on set

Director's Reel

Vida y Danza, Cuba

Finding Body & Soul

Celia Franca:
Tour de Force


A Pair of RED Shorts

Shadow Pleasures

The Cinnamon Peeler

A pairing of SwanS

Northern Light:
Visions and Dreams


The Dancers' Story


Words FAIL

Song of Songs

Mavis Staines,


Karen Kain:
Dancing in the Moment

Margie Gillis:
Wild Hearts in
Strange Times

Salute to Dancers
for Life / Danser
pour la Vie

First Interview &
excerpt from Giselle & Juliet's Potion

Excerpts from Dancer of Distinction & Veronica, Completing the Circle


CBC Interview (1973)

IT World
Canada (2014)


Mad Shadows

Sleeping Beauty


Satie & Suzanne
(Full movie)