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Veronica on set
Music by John Gzowski. 

Director's Reel [04:00] - Veronica Tennant Productions Limited/VTPL (2005)
Director's Reel, 4-minute montage. Music by John Gzowski.

Something's Coming! [03:40] - Veronica Tennant Productions Limited/VTPL (2012)
Inspired by "West Side Story", Something's Coming! pairs Canada's charismatic Superstars the National Ballet's Guillaume Cote and Stratford Festival's Paul Nolan in a contemporary interpretation celebrating optimism in the face of conflict.

Vida y Danza, Cuba – Life & Dance [47:30] – CTV/Bravo!, Luminato, VTPL/Eccentric Things Inc. (2008)
Vida y Danza, Cuba, shot in Havana and Toronto over a two year period, gives access to the intensely vibrant world of the charismatic Lizt Alfonso. Her flamenco company and school, Lizt Alfonso: Dance Cuba, formed under the harshest of conditions during the demise of the Soviet Union in 1991, fuses a heady mix of dance styles, Spanish-Afro-Cuban rhythms, extraordinary dancers and fabulous musicians. The film documents the creative process resulting in the musical show VIDA! a metaphor for Cuba itself, and its triumphant debut in Toronto, at the inaugural Luminato Festival, 2007.

Vida y Danza, Cuba received 2 Gemini Nominations in 2009 and was invited to the Havana Film Festival and has played in theatres in Havana, as well as being broadcast on Cuban Television.
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Finding Body & Soul [58:00] - CBC Television (2008)
Finding Body & Soul is a performance documentary showcasing 13 unforgettable women, aged 45 - 79, in a feisty, compelling investigation of beauty and aging. Their evocative and often humorous stories were shaped and directed by Canada's prize-winning playwright Judith Thompson, who was commissioned by Dove, to create a play, Body & Soul, performed onstage by non-professional actors. The cast of achievers and survivors, illustrated with scars and smiles, hurts and triumphs, results in a quintessential composite of personal experiences. Finding Body & Soul puts a face to – and makes visible – a sector that is too often rendered invisible by societal ideas and attitudes.

Finding Body & Soul won the Silver Medal at the New York Television & Film Festival in 2010.

Celia Franca: Tour de Force [47:50] - CTV/Bravo!, Sound Venture Productions, VTPL (2006)
The Film: Celia Franca: Tour de Force is a revealing portrait of the indomitable Artistic Director who founded the internationally respected National Ballet of Canada. A non-conformist in London's ballet hierarchy, Celia swiftly gained recognition as a dramatic dancer, innovator, and choreographer. Invited to Canada in 1950 to do a 'feasibility study', Celia Franca said, "I think you need me here!". The rest is history.
The DVD: Tour de Force Special Features DVD:
A treasure trove with sections; Buried Treasure: Archival Performances of the National Ballet of Canada – England: Celia's Story – Canada: Roots and Branches – Celia's Legacy: Passing it On – Photo Album – Anecdotal Goodies and Acknowledgements: With Out-Takes.
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A Pair of RED shorts [12:45] - Bravo!FACT, VTPL (2005)
REDamorphosis: (4:20); A Widow in a RED hat –Victoria (Bertram), a Divorcee with a RED purse – Claudia (Moore), and a Teenager in RED shoes –Antonella (Martinelli), share a departure-encounter at the bus station, What could they have in common? There's a tussle of RED accessories, feminine deference and catty competition. The 3 women exchange feminine confidences, ingenious tactics and life accessories – with RED as much to their mutual taste, as Men – past present and future.
Rhymes with RED (4:50); follows the mad-cap antics of 3 women –Victoria (Bertram), Lorna (Geddes) & Nora (McLellan) who take a major step-down from their hum-drum lives in northern Ontario, we follow their outrageous trek taking in the Big City Toronto sights. They've been inspired by 'The Canadian Icon' – and all 3 have fallen in love with the First Prize Winner, a hunk named Rex (Harrington). Not only do they find him, but they get to hear his Ron Sexsmith ballad sung 'live'.

Shadow Pleasures [58:00] - CBC, Bravo!FACT, VTPL/Eccentric Things Inc. (2005)
Shadow Pleasures is a one-hour performance film, narrated and written by internationally acclaimed author Michael Ondaatje, inspiring a cinematic interpretation of his evocative poetry and prose. Structured in five distinct episodic sequences, the imagistic sensuality of Ondaatje's imagination is ignited by a remarkable array of actors, dancers, choreographers and composers.including choreographer/performers: Margie Gillis, Andrea Nann, Roberto Campanella, Robert Glumbek, Paola Styron; actress Suleka Mathew, & dancers, Sean Ling, Gerald Michaud, Mary Paterson, Caroline Richardson and Gail Skrela. Original scores composed by John Gzowski, Anne Bourne and Rick Hyslop.

Shadow Pleasures made a sweep at the 2005 Yorkton Film Festival winning an unprecedented 7 Golden Sheaf Awards, including Best of the Festival, Best Performing Arts for producer Peter Gentile, and Best Director Award for Veronica Tennant; as well as a Gemini Award to Astrid Janson for Production Design.
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The Cinnamon Peeler [2:50] - Bravo!FACT/CBC/LFP (2005)
Michael Ondaatje narrates his much-loved poem in the fifth segment of the hour-long Shadow Pleasures, danced by Gail Skrela and Sean Ling. This short film celebrated independently, enjoyed a theatrical release in Canada before Robert Altman's feature film, The Company. Included on the Jury Select list at the 2005 Dance on Camera Festival at Lincoln Center NY, it was chosen for the Bravo!FACT Big Screen Project in New York in 2011. Director/Producer Veronica Tennant was also the Choreographer.

a pairing of SwanS [14:00] - CBC, Bravo!FACT, Canada Council, VTPL (2004)
The Film: a pairing of SwanS is an homage to the two consummate Canadian artists of the international ballet scene, Evelyn Hart and Rex Harrington, shot at the summit of their careers. They are joined by the riveting Brent Carver, and celebrated cellists, Shauna Rolston and Amanda Forsyth. Harpist Judy Loman plays in the two exquisite music compositions; The Dying Swan by Camille Saint-Saëns, and The Swan Sees His Reflection by Canadian composer, Malcolm Forsyth.
The DVD: a pairing of SwanS: VTPL, Canada Council, marblemedia
The DVD special features provide a behind the scenes look into different elements of the film such as dance, music and history. Viewers can listen to candid audio commentaries, witness the process of transforming the works for the screen, see alternate takes, or watch the film with informative 'pop-ups.'
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Northern Light - Visions and Dreams - CBC, VTPL/Northern Light Inc. (2003)
A fantasia of color and light juxtaposing sensual performances from a stellar and diverse cast, the film blends the lure of Northern Lights, Inuit throat-singing, storytelling, ecstatic dance and erotic choreography. The lush music-track meshing medieval, new age and Inuit, has an overlay by celebrated composer Christos Hatsis and spans the 12th and 21st centuries. The film builds to a layered video-creation climax by Ex Machina's Jacques Collin. Shot in Iqaluit, Winnipeg and Toronto, featured performers include, Robert Glumbek, Margie Gillis, Ronda Nychka, Michael Kusugak, Sylvia Cloutier, Laura Pudwell, Sarah Laakkuluk Williamson and Mathew Nuqingaq; narrated by Sandra Laronde.

The Dancers' Story [58:00] - CBC, Sound Venture Productions (2002)
The Dancers' Story is a choreographed documentary weaving past with present using the vocabulary of dance. In celebration of its 50th anniversary, a sampling of five generations of dances – from the legendary pioneers (Celia Franca, Lois Smith, Grant Strate, Brian Macdonald, Robert Ito and others) to the prominent alumni (Karen Kain, Veronica Tennant, James Kudelka, Vanessa Harwood, Nadia Potts, Kevin Pugh, Rex Harrington and others) to the company's current and future stars (Guillaume Cote, Chan Hon Goh, Sonia Rodriguez, Xiao Nan Yu and others) – gather back at the ballet barre. Decade by decade, this compelling reunion for the camera is shot in St. Lawrence Hall, the company's original home. The Dancer's Story is a novel blend of documentary and freshly filmed dance performances.
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TRIO [12:00] - CBC, Bravo!FACT, VTPL/Dream Machines Inc. (2002)
Trio is a short dance-drama combining a contemporary sound score and the adagio movement of Beethoven's Trio, Opus 11 recorded especially for the film by the acclaimed Rolston Trio. Shot at the Banff Centre and the Alberta Ballet, the leading characters – Ronda (Nychka), Michel (Faigaux) & John (Ottmann) – are professional dancers. Clearly grown-up ballet dancers are people – not the creatures they often seem onstage. They are flesh and blood – athletes, parents, friends, lovers, competitors.

TRIO won a Gemini Award for Roger Vernon for Cinematography.

Words FAIL [5:00] - Bravo!FACT, VTPL (2001)
Arrestingly visual and courageously emotional, the film is composed of stark and simple structure, choreographed and danced by Peggy Baker, played by cellist, Shauna Rolston. The work's voice – solo cello music – is composed by the talented Canadian composer, Chan Ka Nin. An artistically haunting first time collaboration Words Fail was shot at the Banff Centre, Alberta.

Song of Songs [4:50] - Bravo!FACT, VTPL (2000)
Timeless sensuality: Biblical love poetry in a fresh rendition of Dance, Song, and Spoken word, and danced by Johan Persson & Jaimie Tapper. Narrated by Brian Hill and Veronica Tennant. Song of Songs is set to music composed by Pablo Casals, and sung by The Toronto Chamber Choir, conducted by David Fallis.

The Four Seasons [55:00] - CBC, BBC, Bravo! NHK, SF DRS, Rhombus Media/VTPL (2000)
The prize-winning adaptation of James Kudelka's choreography hailed as a masterpiece of the ballet for all time, The Four Seasons threads through the four seasons of man's life starring Rex Harrington and twenty-six dancers ranging from emerging brightest lights to the most acclaimed veterans from The National Ballet of Canada. The eternally popular score by Antonio Vivaldi was especially recorded for the film by Pinchas Zukerman and the National Arts Centre Orchestra. 

The Four Seasons won a Gemini Award for Best Performance for Rex Harrington, as well as the Telefilm English language award at the Banff Television Festival 2001.
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Mavis Staines: Courage!... [4:00] - VTPL/Toronto Arts Awards (1998)
This four minute short was made in tribute to Mavis Staines, Artistic Director of Canada's National Ballet School on the occasion of her being awarded The Toronto Arts Award in 1998. Shot on 16mm. film, her story – of overcoming her parents' refusals to let her leave Vancouver to attend the National Ballet School; her rapid rise as a professional in the Company to soloist; her joining the Dutch National Ballet; and then at age 26 sustaining a stress fracture that prematurely ended her dancing career – is one of indomitable courage. Mavis Staines returned to her Alma Mater and trained in teaching at the National Ballet School, and in 1991 took up the helm as its inspiring Artistic Director. As the first North American and first woman to chair the Prix de Lausanne, she is an internationally respected figure in the top echelons of classical ballet today.

Karen Kain: Dancing in the Moment [58:00] - CBC (1998)
A triumphant performance celebration of the illustrious Prima Ballerina Karen Kain, this intimate and historic hour captures Kain's outstanding versatility with a mix of classical favourites and new works created specially for television. Starring with Kain are guests; Ben Heppner, Rex Harrington, Martha Henry and Rod Beattie, Jorge Torres and never before seen footage of Rudolf Nureyev. In his own memorable contribution to the program, Leonard Cohen voices his poem Dance Me To The End Of Love in a personalized tribute.

Karen Kain: Dancing in the Moment received a Gemini Award for Sound Production for Ron Searles, and won the 1999 International Emmy Award for Best Performing Arts Program.

Margie Gillis: Wild Hearts in Strange Times [57:50] - CBC (1996)
This television performance biography celebrates the stellar career of solo dancer/choreographer, the incomparable Margie Gillis delivering a unique blend of entertainment, amusement, poetry and raw emotion. Interspersed with a re-tracing of her story, are 10 performance pieces all specially shot for the programme, with such illustrious guest artists as; the pre-eminent mezzo-soprano Jessye Norman, Brent Carver, Rex Harrington, Ashley MacIsaac, Seana McKenna, Paola Styron and students of Canada's National Ballet School. The live to tape performance section of the show, was performed with audience in Studio 40 at The Canadian Broadcasting Centre in Toronto.

Margie Gillis: Wild Hearts in Strange Times won a Best Performance Gemini Award for Margie Gillis, and The Chrysler People's Choice Award.

Salute to Dancers for Life/Danser pour la Vie [55:00] - CBC/SRC (1994-5)
Christening the state of the art new studio 40 at the Canadian Broadcasting Centre in Toronto, 1994, Salute to Dancers for Life/Danser Pour la Vie was first telecast on December 1st World AIDS Day in a vibrant celebration of the 'best of' Dancers for Life performances, raising awareness and funds for HIV/AIDS care, prevention and education. Performers and choreographers from across Canada merged in a buoyant eclectic dance variety show produced for CBC by Veronica Tennant, directed by Joan Tosoni. Hosts were; Veronica Tennant, Brent Carver, Tomson Highway, Annik Bissonette, and William Douglas. Salute to Dancers for Life boasted such celebrities of the Canadian dance scene as; Karen Kain, Margie Gillis, Evelyn Hart, Edouard Lock, Louse Lecavalier, Rex Harrington, Robert Desrosiers, Andrea Boardman, and the Danny Grossman Company.

Salute to Dancers for Life won an Annik Award for Best Direction for Joan Tosoni.